My name is Paul Broom...

I create stuff for web and for print

I build websites and produce video's

I also design for printed materials

This is my portfolio



I like what I do.  It’s fun.

Money is great but it’s the challenge, the journey and the end product that motivates me.  Being proud with what I’ve done and having a happy client that’s a good day for me.  Most days are good.  Those that aren’t – well that’s because I’m probably waiting for a new client to come along 🙁

I also write copy for websites.  It’s not often that a client comes along with all the text they want on a page, maybe a paragraph or two, so to help move things along, I write.  This provides a foundation for them to tweak or re-write.  It also means their website gets finished quicker.  Turn around 2-3 weeks?  No problem when we work together.

Let's get moving

I like telling stories.

I don’t make blockbusters.  I can’t, just not that good (yet!).

I can make you effective video’s for your social media channels like YouTube or Facebook.  Tell a story, sell your service and entertain your customers.  Video is powerful, engaging and effective.

Usually this is where there would be some stats on ‘how many videos are watched on the web every day‘ and ‘customer conversion rates from video‘ but let’s face it, we know video works.  I watch video’s on the web and I’m sure you do too.  It’s easier and more fun that reading a block of text (like this one!?).

Simple, effective and most importantly, it’s for everyone!


I like to create...



I look at it like Lego: lots of different pieces to use and so many ways to put them together.  Let me build you something.



Print’s not dead, in fact I believe it’s like vinyl and on its way back again.  Long live paper (as long as it’s responsibly sourced).



Everyone can be famous for five minutes but your presence on YouTube and Facebook can last for nearly forever.

& Content


Blah, blah, blah – No, not really.  Writing should be engaging, worth reading and be able to connect with anyone reading it.




What the people I work with say...

  • I have worked side by side with Paul on a number of projects over the years and have always found him to be a highly creative and project focused individual. Multi talented from Print to Multi Media and beyond. When working to tight deadlines for challenging clients Paul is exactly the man you want on your team, as his calming influence, ability to always see the bigger picture and great sense of humour make working with him a real pleasure. I look forward to working with him again in the near future.
    Dan Flanagan - Director Of Digital Marketing @ Cobb PR