About Me

and what I do

My background is in IT but design has always been there.  Don’t we all start out with a preference for expressing our creativity?

Think back to your earliest memories of school: what was your favourite activity?  Most will say art but even those that do not will admit to often doodling.

Sadly, as we grow older our desire to express ourselves dwindle as more academic pursuits take over.  We express our creativity in other ways, more mundane ways.  Cooking, decorating, arranging shelves and even with small things like dressing ourselves.
Creativity will always live with us and when embraced, can provide so much satisfaction.

I re-connected with my creative side.  I returned to education to study for a HND in Graphic Design but to be honest I learnt more from my own studies and research at home – how can I do this? How do I achieve that?  Like IT, design is about problem solving.  The aim is to convey a message, a feeling or a sales pitch and the problem is finding the best way to do so.  I like the challenge and love the execution.  The real satisfaction always comes once finished and you can sit back and say ‘I did that’.

So just before Covid hit I was offered a job by one on my clients doing IT support which I took which was lucky as when it did hit, most of my work dried-up.

Nowadays I pretty much work full-time for the same client, as an Operations Manager. I still do their/our website and all design tasks as well as all of the IT support so my days are varid and pretty busy all the time.

I still offer design services when asked but I don’t go out looking for it as there are only so many hours in a day, days in a week etc.

Design and tech is in my blood it will never depart and I will always welcome the challenge and rewards they bring.  Technology is amazing and it drives us forward giving us new opportunities, new ideas and new ways of solving problems.

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