Videos and video production were once reserved for companies with large pockets and the desire to be on television.  Since the introduction (or revolution!) of YouTube things have changed.  To get a video on the web you don’t have to jump through the hoops that are set out by the rules of broadcast television, all you need is an idea and a company (like us!) who can make it happen.

Bellow is a selection of some of the videos that we have produced for clients.

Click the images to view the video.


WEL In-Store Advertising

Super Lunch Club

The Horder Centre

Super Lunch Club The Horder Centre patient forum
Filmed & produced for Wealden and Eastbourne Lifeline (WEL) to promote their services and product. A promotional video created for the launch of the ‘Super Lunch Club’ business lunch club events. Promotional video created for embeding on The Horder Centre website profiling the patient feedback forums.


Mayo Win Baxter

Axis Property Investment

Wells Clinic

Mayo Win Baxter service profile Axis Property Investment guide videos Wells Clinic top tips
Promotional video created from footage supplied
to us.  Branding and ticker-tape added and footage quality improved.
We’re producing a series of ‘How to’ videos focused on property investment as well as
ongoing social media managment.
Three ‘Quick guide to’ videos on cosmetic procedures produced for the Wells Clinic.