Affordable video solutions

Video Production

Making videos for your YouTube channel or your website or even CD or DVD-ROM shouldn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. I provide the skills you need to take your marketing to the next level.. Lots of video services and producers still charge as if the video is destined for TV, sure there are costs involved but I’m pretty certain you don’t want to make a blockbuster movie (or do you?). This is why The Broom Room has brought the costs right down: I want to make video solutions affordable to everyone. From company promotional videos to customer testimonials to product demonstrations, heck, whatever you want to film and whatever you want me to produce.


Most of the filming is carried out using a Sony HD camcorder shot in 1080i from which we can produce 720p or 1080p video for you. These are ready to be uploaded to various video website’s, embedded in your website or output to CD, DVD or Bluray including a custom menu if required.

Video Conversion and DVD Production

Do you have existing videos that you would like to use? I can convert them into a format ready for the web, CD, DVD or Blue-ray no matter what format they are currently in. MiniDV, DVD VCD VHS, NTSC to PAL or an existing computer format I should be able solve the problem.
I can also produce mastered DVD and Blue-ray discs with full navigation from the files we produce or from any files that you supply us.

Latest Work