It’s been such a long time since I’ve updated this/my site for reasons I’ll go into below, but here I am, I’m back, kind of!.

So my server was hacked and it was a monumental task restoring everything but unfortunately my/this site and my other site ( were not on my backup list. And like a true builder, I never got around to cleaning and fixing my own sites.

Getting work as The Broom Room was not essential as I ended-up in a full-time job so my websites just sat on the back burner waiting for me to pull my finger out.

What am I doing now? Well I started with a client as their web designer, then got asked to do their IT support, and then they took me on full-time. Now I run day-to-day operations including all of the IT, compliance and operational processes. Thankfully I still do all of the design stuff, my little oasis amongst all of the stress and madness.

So what is to become of The Broom Room? Who knows really. I don’t think I will ever go back to full-time self employed design services as the stability of employment is something I have come to rely on. At a minimum, I will however try to update this site with all the stuff I have done for my employer.

I would also like to incorporate my music side of things into the fold as well rather than go back down the Reggie Dark route. I have a son now called Reggie (which was my Dad’s name and my middle name), so it feels a bit weird when someone calls me ‘Reggie’.

The bottom line is that the Broom Room belongs to my family and hopefully one day, one of my kids will take it over and repurpose it for whatever they so desire and it will live on, maybe and hopefully for generations to come.

See you soon hopefully!