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Sooooo….How you been?

It’s been such a long time since I’ve updated this/my site for reasons I’ll go into below, but here I am, I’m back, kind of!. So my server was hacked and it was a monumental task restoring everything but unfortunately... Read More

Is Your WordPress Website Vulnerable?

I always inform clients on how important it is to keep your website up to date.  I liken it to a car: if you don’t get it serviced and replace the parts that need to be replaced, then it is... Read More

51 Amazing Facts You Probably Don’t Know About WordPress

WordPress is my chosen tool for creating websites due to it’s amazing flexibility and versatility.  If you want to do something specific with a website then there’s a high probability that WordPress can do it. Take a look at this... Read More

Do You Want to Live Forever?

The World Wide Web: that virtual space that lives in the clouds that can be seen from anywhere in the world! And what a place it is! From individuals sharing an opinion or passion to companies selling their products or... Read More

Spotlight on Reggie Dark

Reggie Dark is a unsigned music artist that specialises in electronica. From drum and bass to trance to chilled and trip hop, the styles always differ yet you will always know if a track you are listening to was made... Read More

What should we do now we have The Google Panda Update?

Google has recently released its Panda update and this has brought about a lot of changes in the usual way SEO strategies are conducted. The new algorithm has penalised some sites while other websites have benefited from the changes. This... Read More

New Media?

Video and the web are the new print and television. Did you know that YouTube now accounts for just as much advertising revenue as television does and can sometimes reach a larger audience?... Read More

Erm….hello Steve

I never thought this day would come but I’m eating my hat.  Apple made something that I wanted, the iPhone 4, a jack of all trades that appeals to my gadget loving nature.  Previous to this I always belittled Apple... Read More

Mac vs PC (or Microsoft vs Apple)

I suppose I should be bias towards Apple as I’m a designer but I have a history in IT, systems admin to be precise.  I must admit I do prefer the PC it can do everything a Mac can do... Read More