I never thought this day would come but I’m eating my hat.  Apple made something that I wanted, the iPhone 4, a jack of all trades that appeals to my gadget loving nature.  Previous to this I always belittled Apple hardware for being under quality and over priced (which is generally true!), but the iPhone 4 beats everything else out there. 

It’s better for portable gaming than my PSP and NDS.  It’s video playback is better than my PSP.  It’s got a good enough camera on it now (the one thing that kept me with Nokia and Sony).  It’s got tons of apps that increase my productivity.  The games that my 2 and 3 year old play on it are more intuitive pornxxxmobilethan anything there have tried before.

I love my iPhone 4.  Sorry Bill, I still love you.

Nail in the coffin, my last phone:

I’ve got to say that it is a bad idea on nokia’s part to include irremovable ‘pay for’ software on the N97’s firmware.
If you check the Internet there are a lot of people that are now against the companies whose programs are embedded as well as nokia and will not support either going forward.

I had no desire to purchase or use any of the software but I was stuck with it which is unfair as the N97 does not have a lot of space on its C: drive and I was always having memory problems.

I liken this situation to someone putting a large television in a room where space is at a premium and then telling you that you can not use it or replace it with a TV of your own.  I believe the high cost of the phone does not justify the limit imposed by nokia.  I was extremely disappointed in all of the companies involved and will not be buying or recommending a nokia product again especially now that I have my beloved iPhone 4.

So nokia probably got a chunk of money from the companies whose software is on the N97 but did it really cost them in the long run?  I know I am not the only one who lost faith.