Reggie Dark is a unsigned music artist that specialises in electronica. From drum and bass to trance to chilled and trip hop, the styles always differ yet you will always know if a track you are listening to was made by Reggie Dark.

Ok, so Reggie Dark is really me. My musical alias and homage to my father’s name (minus the Dark) and also my middle name, and now, my son’s name. The legacy of Reggie.

From a young age I have always loved making music and it has always been a constant in my life. From using a microphone and tapedeck to DJ’ing to using my studio tools on my PC I have always found music as a great way to express myself.

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In the past I have used my tracks as backing tracks on videos and I have even created custom pieces to go with video identity’s. My most notable music/video project to date was an experimental video about bipolar condition that was created for a client who became a good Friend. The video was about one man’s journey through his discovery of bipolar to his learning to cope with it. The project became very personal for me as we were already working closely together on another project when he was diagnosed with bipolar. I wrote, directed, filmed and composed all the music and words for the video.

I have just recently finished a website to showcase my music which contains my complete discography and includes the ability to listen to every track.

Check out my new music site at and send me a message if you want a mp3 of any of my tracks.