I suppose I should be bias towards Apple as I’m a designer but I have a history in IT, systems admin to be precise.  I must admit I do prefer the PC it can do everything a Mac can do and more, it offers so many opportunities to learn new skills and it can give me a gaming fix to boot! 

All the rumours about it not being as reliable or slower are unfounded (I believe. Although I’m sure some gimp will trawl the web and find some facts and figures that will try yo prove me otherwise).  Yes, the PC has virus issues but an up to date antivirus and some degree of common sense prevent any problems.  But the fact remains that on a PC life is cheaper.  If my hardware goes wrong there are so many options for fixing it.  If I want to find a cheap alternative to an expensive program there are usually loads to choose from.  What to install a new operating systems, no problem take your pick.  Oh, yes, Apple can do that now, XP or Vista?  It’s like they know who rules the roost.


You see I consider the Mac as a stupid user machine.  Please don’t be offended as I don’t mean that in a horrible way.  It’s a machine for people who don’t want to experiment or stray from the path that has been put in front of them.  A Mac does what it says on the tin, a PC should say use with caution.

Then there’s your apple fan who thinks that the sun shines out of Steve Jobs bottom.  I can’t stand them.  They buy an Apple branded product without doing the slightest bit of research or even considering an alternative and they pay an highly inflated price.  Yes were back to the stupid user situation.  I come from a working class background and lived in a poor estate so most people couldn’t afford prime goods and had to make do.  I now live in an area where there seems to be afair amount of money and kids as young as 10 walk around with iphones. 

Don’t get me wrong, I do use Mac’s and I’ve provided hardware and software support for a number of people it’s just that I love my PC and all that it has done for me over the years.  From first playing Doom to giving me Office skills to, well, getting me most of my jobs.  Thank you Mr Gates, you will allways be one of my Heros.

I think what also put me off of Apple was the Steve Jobs story.  He was not a very nice man when it came to his child or as a person.  I’m a family man and anyone who cannot take responsibility for their child or children are not a very nice people.

Well that’s enough ramblings now and I’ll leave you with this poster I found one day while surfing the net. I don’t know who made it but kudos for hitting the nail on the head.